We have a wide selection ukes, banjos, and mandolins for all levels of players and for all price points.


Eastman 305 ––– A-style with satin finish. New w/gig bag. $450

Weber Hyalite ––– Spruce and mahogany. 'A' model w/ f holes. +HSC $1275

Gibson A Jr. ––– 1924. Lloyd Loar era, near-mint. Snakehead, great sound. All original. w/original hard case. $2750



Deering Goodtime Americana ––– Blonde, 12" pot, all maple construction, w/ scooped neck for clawhammer/frailing. $499

Wm. L. Pond "Ruby" ––– Circa 1890. 10 1/2" x 24". Beautiful engraving on pot, built in New York. $895

Bart Reiter Round Peak ––– 12" pot, scooped mahogany neck, rolled brass tone hoop, new w/HSC. $1495



Kala Piccolo Uke ––– Solid mahogany, satin finish. New w/ gig bag. $239

Martin S-1 ––– All solid mahogany soprano uke. New w/ gig bag. $419

Kala U-Bass, SMHG-FS ––– Fretted, w/ transducer pickup. All solid mahogany. New w/ hardshell case. $549