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If you are seeking high-quality resonator banjos, you can find them for sale at Fretted Instrument Workshop. Choose from new and used banjos by coming out to the shop located in Amherst, Massachusetts near Boston. All instruments in the shop meet strict quality standards. Used instruments are painstakingly restored to their highest quality and new instruments are ready for their first owner.

Resonator banjos differ from open-back banjos by the presence of a wood piece enclosing the body of the banjo. As the name implies, resonator banjos have a louder and brighter sound than open-backed banjos. Resonator banjos are heavier than open-backed banjos, because of the extra piece attached. Resonator banjos are preferred for bluegrass. Fretted Instrument Workshop has been collecting and restoring banjos for 45 years, working with top brands like Gibson and Deering. If you are looking for a classic masterpiece to show off your expert playing skills, you can find it at Fretted Instrument Workshop. If you are a beginner and you want to try resonator banjos for the first time, you can find an intro instrument too.

Take a look at the new and used banjos for sale and find your perfect fit. For more information, call Fretted Instrument Workshop or stop in.

Resonator 5-String Banjos

Our quality new and used resonator banjos for sale include:

Recording King ––– Madison model. Bell brass one ring, one piece flange, maple neck, rim, resonator, w/ HSC $1099

1938-1940 Gibson RB-0 ––– All originial 5 string. Excellent condition. Sounds and plays excellent. 1 pc flange. w/ original soft shell case $3995

1970 Gibson Mastertone RB 250 Fiddlehead ––– Excellent condition, w/ OHSC. $1995 SOLD

Gibson RB ––– Simple rolled brass tone ring. Light brown finish over plain maple. New w/HSC. $1735

Deering Saratoga Star ––– With Kruger tone ring. New w/ HSC. $6699

Deering Golden Era ––– More Pre-War tone than you can shake a stick at. Dramatic curly maple neck and resonator. A great sounding bluegrass banjo. New w/ HSC. $3849

Deering John Hartford ––– New w/ HSC. $3369

Deering Black Diamond ––– New w/ HSC. $2989

Deering Sierra ––– New w/HSC. $2095

Deering Goodtime II ––– Natural finish, resonator 5 string, all maple construction. An excellent first bluegrass banjo. $550

Deering Goodtime II Classic ––– Maple neck and resonator with dark brown stain, 5th string spikes at frets 7,9,10. $750

Deering Goodtime Special ––– Natural finish, resonator 5 string, all maple construction, with a bluegrass tone ring. $795

Deering Goodtime Special Classic ––– A resonator backed 5 string with tone ring, planetary pegs, dark stain finish and traditional headstock. New, w/ gig bag. $989

Gold Star GF 85 ––– New w/HSC. $1050 SOLD

Flinthill ––– Prewar style bluegrass banjo. Flat head. New, w/ HSC $995 SOLD

Rover RB115 ––– A decent import banjo for the beginner, mahogany with plantetary tuners and wood rim with simple tone ring. New $499.


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