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Other Banjos – Tenor & Plectrum

Bacon Peerless ––– 1926, 17-fret resonator tenor, geared pegs. Excellent original condition, w/ original HSC $995

Bacon and Day Silver Bell No.1 ––– 1926, Excellent original condition, w/ OHSC. $1600

Bacon and Day Roy Smeck Stage Model Silver Bell No.1S Plectrum––– 1929, rosewood neck and resonator, gold-plated, gold sparkle fretboard and headstock, knee mute, engraved, mother-of-pearl inlaid resonator, w/rhinestones. Excellent condition, w/original hard case. $2195

Bacon and Day Montana Silver Bell No.1–––1927, mint condition, w/ original hard case. $2495

Bruno Glee Club ––– a simple resonator banjo in good original condition, no case $495

Ditson "Victory" 17-fret tenor banjo ––– Circa 1920, like Vega Wonder. With gig bag, $795

Epiphone ––– Concert Recording Tenor. $3500

Vega Senator ––– Open back six string guitar-banjo. New w/HSC. $1899

Vega Fairbanks Style N ––– Very nice original condition, skin head,hard case $695

Vega ––– Vega-phone Artist Tenor. Tubaphone tone ring, gold plated hardware. A nice looker and a great player! $1995 SOLD

Slingerland Tenor ––– Circa 1920. $350 SOLD

Wilson Bros. Chicago ––– A simple instrument in nice shape, no case $495


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