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Fretted Instruments carries beginner-level banjos from Saga and Goodtime by Deering starting at $325. Our new and vintage specialty open-backs include:

Rover RB-110 ––– A decent import banjo for the beginner, mahogany with planetary tuners and wooden rim with simple tone ring. New $325

Deering Goodtime ––– A great banjo for the beginning old time player. 100% made in the USA. New $399 (case priced separately)

Deering Goodtime Classic ––– Dark finish, planetary tuners, arm rest, fifth string spikes. $549

Deering Goodtime Americana ––– Blonde, 12" pot, all maple construction, w/ scooped neck for clawhammer/frailing. $499

Vega Senator ––– Open back six string guitar-banjo. New w/HSC. $1998

A.C. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No.2 ––– 1908, serial #24493. All original, exc+ condition. 11"x27", skin head. w/harp tone HSC. $4500 SOLD

Eastman Whyte Laydie ––– 1905 replica. w/HSC $1395

Cole's Eclipse, Man On the Moon––– 1895, 10 5/8" pot, 26" scale. w/HSC $2750 SOLD

S.S. Stewart 2nd Grade –––Circa 1885. Basic model Stewart, all original. Built for gut or nylon, sounds great with nylon. Has some stable cracks in headstock veneer and fingerboard. $595

Saga S.S.10 ––– A traditional looking S.S. Stewart copy. A great sounding old timey banjo for a reasonable price. New $395

Wm. L. Pond "Ruby" ––– Circa 1890. 10 1/2" x 24". Beautiful engraving on pot, built in New York. $895

Saga Travel Banjo ––– Short neck Banjo for travel. Plays best when tuned to "A" or "D". New $395

Bart Reiter Buckbee ––– Scooped mahogany neck, Buckbee style headstock, 11" pot, rolled brass tone hoop. New w/HSC. $1195

Bart Reiter Buckbee Fretless ––– Same appointments as above, but with a fretless neck, w/ HSC $1195

Bart Reiter Round Peak ––– 12" pot, scooped mahogany neck, rolled brass tone hoop, new w/HSC. $1495

Ramsey 12" Minstrel Fretless ––– Boucher style. w/HCS $1099 SOLD



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